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EETP OÜ established in 1993. It is 100% Estonian capital based company in the area of refractory masonry- and insulation materials sale and installation. We are the official representatives of products and services of Calderys Nordic AB (former Plibrico Scandinavia AB) and Unifrax in Estonia and Latvia.

We provide furnace equipment, cement production equipment, timber industries, metal casting equipment, glass industry and all other production equipment, which require refractory masonry, liners, heat insulation, seals, felts, tiles, strings- materials with operating temperature from 500 ° C to 1800 ° C.

These materials can be obtained as following factory-made products:

  • mortars that only need water to be added and are installed by pouring or torcreting
  • plastic materials that do not require addition of water and are installed by stamping
  • insulation materials in the form of fabrics or strings
  • ready-to-use elements
  • mortar for bricklaying
  • ceramic felt, - paper and – tiles as substitutes for asbestos, sealing materials
  • ceramic and glass fibre strings, -braids and –tiles
  • furnace observation doors

Since 1995, more than 200 companies in Estonia have used the materials and our services, the biggest being AS Narva Elektijaamad, AS Narva Õlitehas, AS Nitrofert, Alstom Estonia AS, AS Nordkalk, AS Eraküte, Eesti Energoremont AS, Eesti Energomontaaž AS, AS Kunda Nordic Tsement, AS Maxit Estonia, OÜ Iru Elektrijaam, Fortum Termest AS, Fortum Tartu AS, Tamult AS, AS Tallinna Küte, AS Viru Keemia Grupp and 7 companies in Latvia.