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Since 2012 we manufacture according to customer's drawings, precast elements.

Precast elements we can heat up to 1200 ° C

EETP holds the following registrations:

Construction: Licence no. EEH007071

Wholesale: Licence No. KHK012084


Services offered by EETP OÜ:

  • Assessment of masonry situation on-the-spot
  • Consultations and estimations of material volume for masonry repair
  • Consultations, recommendations and calculations for materials to create new masonry
  • Thermal calculations of masonries
  • Masonry- and insulation works
  • Rental of equipment and machines required for masonry- and insulation works

* We carry out works all over Estonia and also abroad.

* It is possible to buy all the necessary machines and equipment from us, to implement masonry and insulation works: concrete mixers, drop hammers, torcreting machines- a device that is used for installing concrete mixes by spraying method.